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Othrys is an independent investment company specialised in operational real estate.

Properties hosting retail, light industrial and logistic activities, in France and Spain, are our privileged assets.

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“Rooted in a strong entrepreneurial culture, our ambition is to combine

the financial performance of our real estate investments,

and a sustainable contribution to the development of the local economy.”


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Othrys invests mainly in retail and industrial real estate. Sectors in which we have detailed knowledge of market dynamics and the operational needs of our users.

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Acting on Core+ or value adding strategies, we have an opportunistic approach during the investment phase, and proactive management during the hold period.

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Our platform integrates the different skills necessary in the real estate value chain. Initially dedicated to institutional investors, our platform offers investment solutions to private investors.

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Othrys Investment Management is a regulated company which manages investment funds specialised in operational real estate.

Othrys Investment Management relies on the Othrys Group capabilities to deploy alternative investment strategies.

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Spread across a large number of commercial and industrial areas,

our portfolio offers us in-depth knowledge of local markets and their different players.

Initially established in France, we have extended our operations to Spain with the opening of the Othrys Iberia office.

Our portfolio includes 128 real estate assets, composed mainly of logistics and light industrial warehouses,

retail parks, and shopping centers.




Since 2019


Our property management subsidiary has been created to ensure the delivery of the highest standards of service. 


Othrys Property Management has specific knowledge of the operational, technical and leasing management of complex properties, which is a key success driver in the repositioning of our properties.


Founded in 2013, Othrys has built a corporate culture rooted in the development of human capital.


We believe in authentic relationships and strive to provide a work environment conducive to creativity.

We favor face-to-face meetings and discussions, creating a collaborative and constructive dynamic with all our partners.

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Arnaud Claoué

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Frédéric Dimon-57-YS Corporate.png

Frédéric Dimon

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Julien Roussel-34-YS Corporate.png

Julien Roussel

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Dan Luong-18-YS Corporate_edited.png

Dan Luong




34 rue Tronchet

75009 Paris, France

+33 1 76 21 76 18


Glorieta Rubén Darío 3, bajo dcha

28010 Madrid, España

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