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Fabrice Wattebled joins Othrys Investment Management

Fabrice Wattebled joins the management company as Director of Fund Management, a position in which he will oversee the management of Othrys' investment funds.

Othrys IM currently manages two real estate funds: the OPPCI Othrys Exploitation, created in June 2023 and the FPCI Othrys Actilog, launched in 2022.

While the two funds operate in Othrys' preferred sectors, namely operationnal real estate (retail, activity and logistics), they offer complementary investment strategies.

The OPPCI Othrys Exploitation aims for a high rental returns, targeting buildings requiring dynamic operational management.

The FPCI Othrys Actilog aims to generate capital gains through property trading operations on warehouses and logistic premises.

With a combined investment capacity of 100 million euros, Othrys intends, with its 2 funds, to benefit from the rise in interest rates on the investment market.

Fabrice was previously Fund Manager at Swiss Life Asset Managers, and managed real estate funds for institutional clients, in dedicated funds or in the form of a club deal, on different types of real estate assets, representing a total of more than 500 million euros under management.


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