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Newsletter Othrys

March 2022

METRO Gerland

The new METRO site located in Gerland becomes the 90th warehouse to enter the Othrys Asset Management portfolio.

Looking at the award-winning facade for its architectural quality, one is far from imagining all the urban functions offered by the building. Dedicated to food professionals, the new METRO brings together over 15,000m² and 3 levels: a sales area, a urban logistics area and car parks. On the roof, a 3000m² urban farm will produce tomatoes and strawberries on behalf of its customers.

For METRO, the leading food wholesaler in France, it is a strategic tool for winning over its clientele of merchants located in the city center of Lyon.

Unique for its proximity to the city center, METRO also offers a fast delivery service with cargo bikes, and electric vehicles.

Built in a high-density district, the logistics platform has integrated its delivery docks into the building to limit disturbance to the neighborhood.

In the building, all the new technical equipments are designed according to the latest METRO concept, and aim to reduce the energy footprint.

The property was built on the site of the former Fagor factory, which required a preliminary de-pollution phase.

In addition to METRO, the site will host housing and the future offices of Enedis.

Acquired by Othrys on behalf of an insurance company, METRO Gerland is a remarkable example of an investment with an ESG dimension.

Light industrial / logistic: our objectives

Othrys Asset Management puts its management expertise at the service of the FPCI Othrys Actilog.

After its 1st closing at the end of January 2022, Othrys Actilog's objective is to acquire mainly premises and warehouses to be renovated, to adapt them to the needs of its users in activity and logistics. In doing so, the fund will carry out value-added property operations, but may also invest in lands, as part of real estate development operations.

The fund benefits from dynamic market and will seize opportunities mainly on the outskirts of large cities, in a context of profound changes in the sector.

Othrys, specialist in the investment and management of operating buildings since 2013, currently manages a portfolio valued at more than one billion euros in assets spread over 120 sites in France, mainly in peri-urban areas business and activities.

The operational teams, which have acquired significant experience in operating real estate, relies on:

a rich history of successful real estate transactions,

a solid knowledge of the different economic poles,

a large network of agents and users throughout the territory.


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