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Othrys strengthens its Asset Management division with new arrivals.

June 2022

Marie-Amélie Cantenot
Dan Luong
Damien Schuliar

Dan Luong, who recently became Director for Othrys Asset Management, has completed her team with 2 new recruits: Damien Schuliar, as Asset Manager, and Marie-Amélie Cantenot, as Analyst. The new organization must respond to the strong growth of the real estate portfolio under Othrys' management, which now exceeds 1.2 billion Euros, with the arrival of new warehouses and real estate investments in the first half of 2022. The team also aims to act on behalf of the Othrys Actilog, real estate investment fund created in 2022 and managed by Othrys Investment Management. At the age of 32, and 3 years after joining Othrys, Dan LUONG, thus takes on a central role since she supervises the management of Othrys' operating real estate portfolios. In this position, she leads numerous renovation, development, marketing and disposal projects located mainly in the regions. She is also actively involved in the sourcing and acquisition of real estate assets. “Over the last 3 years Dan has largely demonstrated her ability to lead teams around complex projects. She has contributed significantly to strengthening our track-record through her professionalism and personal qualities. Her appointment comes in a context of strong growth for Othrys. »

Arnaud CLAOUE Managing Partner and Co-founder.


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