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Othrys is an independent investment company specialised in operational real estate.

Properties hosting retail, light industrial, and logistics activities are our preferred targets.


A propos

€1.4 billion

Asset value

900,000 m²

Rental areas

# 128


80 %

in the regions

We are an independent company with a strong entrepreneurial dimension, we operate mainly in industrial and commercial real estate. 


Initially dedicated to institutional investors, our platform offers investment solutions to institutions and private wealth advisors seeking high and risk adjusted returns.

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Othrys' Portfolio

Our unique position on the French market combines two fundamental areas of competence:


Geographic, with a portfolio of properties spread over a large number of urban areas in France.

Sectoral, with a detailed understanding of the business of our occupiers.



Our portfolio consists of 128 real estate assets spread throughout France. 

It is made up of 60% of​ warehouses, 35% shops and 5% offices.



Since its inception, Othrys has been involved in numerous acquisitions of commercial centers, retail-parks, high street units, suburban warehouses, and light-industrial, properties or portfolios.

The team has built a strong track record in the management of complex properties and large portfolios, which cover the majority of the French territory.


Our flexible platform brings together internal resources as well as close relationships with local authorities, subcontractors and all relevant market players.



Founded in 2013, Othrys has built itself gradually thanks to the involvement of its teams and a corporate culture rooted in the development of human capital.


We believe in authentic relationships and strive to provide a work environment conducive to creativity.

We favor face-to-face meetings and discussion, creating a collective and constructive dynamic with all our partners.